An Environmental Design Challenge for Diana Award

The Diana Award

An Environmental Design Challenge for Diana Award

Enzygo hosts an environmental design challenge for Diana Award students from Stocksbridge High School

Following on from the successful completion of the Diana Award mentoring scheme at Stocksbridge High School, Matt Travis and Steve Frazer from Enzygo Sheffield Office invited students into their office for a short seminar, to introduce the company and the nature of the work they undertake.

Each of the Enzygo technical discipline leaders gave a short presentation on their job roles and what it entails. This started with Planning, explaining how every building or road requires planning permission and what that process involves. The noise team followed, explaining how noise assessments can dictate what development goes where on a site and explaining where noise is sourced from. Landscape Architecture gave a description of how sites can be masterplanned to optimise their value, the importance of collaboration within a team and the importance of valuing existing assets, such as trees. The final two disciplines were Transport and Hydrology/Drainage where the aspects of accessing a development in relation to traffic, flooding and drainage were explained.

Diana Award Reward Trip

The students then undertook a design challenge, considering how they would design a school. They were given a site plan with constraints including trees, roads, railway lines and topography, together with a brief. They then had to site the school, car park, library, running track and other facilities within the site boundary whilst taking consideration of the constraints and opportunities of the site, and with regard to the brief of the specialist disciplines introduced to them that morning.

All involved enjoyed the challenge of the event and Enzygo look forward to continuing to build the relationship with the school and the Diana Award.

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