Ask The Expert: Hydrology – Flood Protection and Available Grants

Ask The Expert: Hydrology – Flood Protection and Available Grants

Following the Government’s announcement to provide grants to help protect properties from flooding, we take a look at Enzygo Hydrology Team’s role in flood protection and how you could protect your property. Scott Dawson, senior hydrologist of Enzygo, discusses.

Flood Protection from a Local Perspective

As part of our professional services in relation to flood risk and supporting assessments for multiple types of development in flood zones, we also provide services outside of the typical planning arena. At present, Enzygo is engaged with the local communities in South Yorkshire assisting in providing expertise as an independent body in evaluating at-risk properties (both residential and other uses including sports venues), identifying flood resilience and resistance measures, and inspecting measures following installation. This is all in support of the Property and Flood Resilience Recovery Support Scheme 2019 (PFR 2019). Defra have funding available for victims of flooding in November 2019 in an effort to increasing their property’s ability to resist flooding, or be more resilient should flooding occur.

Many people are unaware that these grants exist and could help to protect their properties from flooding.

We are actively engaging with the community to ascertain their experiences of flooding in their areas, ways they may have tried to be more flood resilient in the past, and ensured they are aware of flood warning information published by the Environment Agency. As part of this, we hope to increase the understanding at community level, the flooding issues they face, while clearing up their understanding on the impact of new development and low impact flood risk work such as dredging of rivers. Understanding the mechanisms of flooding at your property and timing any actions you can take correctly, can ensure you are as prepared as possible to protect property, and ultimately save life.

Who are Enzygo?

Enzygo are South-Yorkshire based environmental consultants with a specialist hydrology team.

Enzygo work to develop a client–based relationship based on trust, and place emphasis on adding value, innovation and professionalism to achieve deliverable outcomes; meeting expectations, budgets and timescales. Their comprehensive understanding of policy and procedures and their director-led multidisciplinary approach ensures we bring to bear the right mix of skills and experience to provide creative solutions for the most hydrologically challenging and complex projects.

Scott Dawson, their senior hydrologist, is an experienced consultant specialising in, amongst other areas, flood evacuation for high-risk sites and project management of delivery of high-level flood risk assessments.  Most recently he has provided an in-depth desk-based review of flood risk posed by various sources of flooding to an existing residential development in a statutory flood zone, in order to kick-start a council and political led remediation of damaging flooding issues for a large estate with high concentrations of social housing.

What do the hydrology team do at Enzygo?

Our wide range of services include:

  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Flood Risk Modelling
  • Sequential and Exception Test
  • Drainage Assessment
  • Business Continuity Flood Assessments
  • Expert Witness Services

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