Friends of Rwandan Rugby Charity Support

Friends of Rwandan Rugby Charity Support

Enzygo continues to support Friends of Rwandan Rugby charity and the great work they do. By teaching and playing rugby they encourage a healthy, active lifestyle for children in Rwanda and promote the rugby ethos of fair play, respect, friendship and fun. In partnership with the Rwanda Rugby Federation (RRF) Friends of Rwandan Rugby are working to create a sustainable model for the continued growth of the great sport of rugby in Rwanda.

Here is the latest news from Friends of Rwandan Rugby

Rwanda has reported around 28,000 cases of Covid 19 so far with 372 deaths.  They have been effective in maintaining lockdowns with good compliance but have recently reported another sharp rise in cases. Almost 390,000 people have so far been vaccinated and the target is to reach 7.8 million (around 60% of the population)  by early next year.

Our Rugby Development Officers (RDO’s) have not yet been vaccinated as the elderly and immuno-compromised are a priority, but they are keeping themselves fit and well by continuing to exercise with rugby training with their local communities,  school children and street children.

Sport can play a big part in healing the personal and societal wounds left by social conflict and upheaval and especially in Rwanda where painful memories of the 1994 Genocide remain.  The nature and culture of rugby means that it is a powerful sport for building trust and friendship.

Exercising with our RDO, Jean de Dieu

Exercising with our RDO, Jean de Dieu (the pitches are a little different to ours!)

FoRR and our RDO’s are very grateful to our generous sponsors

FoRR and our RDO’s are very grateful  to our generous sponsors helping us to continue improving health and life in Rwanda through sport.


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