Construction of 40MW energy storage facility

Land off Royal Barn Road, Rochdale 24 March 2022

The proposal was full planning permission for the construction and operation of a small scale, 35MW battery energy storage facility comprising 20no. 2MW battery containers (double stacked) connected to the National Grid. The facility will be called upon by National Grid to provide standby electricity generation during peak demand periods. National Grid requires theses rapid response balancing services to counter unexpected frequency changes to balance the real-time changes in supply and demand.

Site Location

The site is located within a currently vacant greenfield plot of land in an established industrial estate, approximately 2.2km to the southwest of Rochdale. The uses surrounding Royle Barn Road include industrial, commercial, and residential units.

The application site comprised circa 0.36 hectares of land, including the new access route from the highway.

The site is shown as within a Primary Employment Zone in the Rochdale Borough Council UDP Proposal Map.

Site Location Royal Barn Road
The application site (red star) within the wider site context (Source: Google Earth 2022)

Site Plan Royal Barn Road
Location Plan for the application site

Royal Barn Road Surroundings
Images showing the site and immediate surroundings

What We Did

Enzygo was tasked with the preparation and submission of a full planning application to secure planning permission for a 40MW energy storage facility (with an operational limit of 35MW), with associated control and auxiliary equipment, parking, boundaries, landscaping, and the creation of a new vehicular access at Royal Barn Road, Rochdale. Enzygo produced and submitted technical documents from our internal teams and project managed the application from inception to the granting of consent.

The planning permission achieved at Royle Barn Road will assist Rochdale’s transition to renewable and low carbon energy sources, ensuring the National Grid maintains a consistent supply of energy throughout the Borough, and supplements the expansion of sustainable and decentralised energy production. The proposed battery energy storage facility will be well integrated amongst existing developments and has been designed to be appropriate to its setting and location.

Site Layout

Site Layout Royal Barn Road

ADV 003 Limited sought permission through this battery energy storage facility to ensure constant energy supplies at this time of constraints on new energy generation infrastructure and increasing demand from industry and communities. Battery energy storage at this facility will provide a key source of flexibility to help address some of the challenges associated with the transition to a low-carbon electricity sector.

The site, following a robust site search, was identified as entirely suitable for the proposed development, being situated within a primary employment allocation, and near to an electricity substation, with sufficient capacity, to which it would connect into.

The development has low impacts, with no emissions and very low noise levels. Enzygo were able to demonstrate the surrounding commercial and industrial receptors would not be sensitive to impacts associated with the development.

From the outset, Enzygo recognised the requirements of the site to ensure the development was fit for purpose and acceptable to the client, Local Authority, and other stakeholders.

Following submission of the planning application, Enzygo engaged in extensive post-submission liaison with the Local Planning Authority, addressing all requests for information from consultees to ensure a planning policy compliant scheme was delivered for the client.

What We Achieved

The granted scheme represents a well thought out development that future proofs the energy needs of the local community during peak demand periods, when energy demand outstrips supply, whereby the facility can be called upon quickly by the National Grid.

The design and layout of the scheme successfully addressed the requirements of the Local Authority, overcoming potential constraints, with the client and other stakeholders fully immersed and represented throughout the process.

The intimate working relationship fostered by Enzygo ensured all parties understood the proposals and any concerns were addressed prior to the application being submitted and determined.

The Local Planning Authority were supportive of the proposed development and were able to grant full planning permission.

Enzygo continue to maintain a close working relationship with the client and are able to utilise the experience gained through this application to take forward similar developments across the country, continuing to obtain similar positive results.