Ecological Documentation to Support a Planning Application

Newcastle-upon-Tyne 11 November 2019

The proposed works will involve clearance of the existing site and construction of a new Lidl store with associated car parking and greenspace.

What We Did

Enzygo undertook a range of ecology surveys in accordance with current guidance. This included Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, Bat Emergence Surveys, and production of an Ecological Impact Assessment, followed by biodiversity offsetting negotiation and liaison with the County Ecologist.

Challenges We Faced

Faced opposition from local authority, including objections from County Ecologist who raised a number of concerns/requests for further survey which needed to be addressed. Difficult site which contained Green Infrastructure and wildlife site connectivity constraints.

Ecology SurveyLand north of Scotswood Road

What We Achieved

Liaised with County Ecologist to appease concerns, addressed all relevant matters whilst scoping out the need for reptile survey, and further invertebrate surveys. Ended with an appropriate site design which protected local wildlife sites and enhanced Green Infrastructure in accordance with NPPF and biodiversity net gain principals. Resulted in a satisfied client and approval of application.

Further Work

This success generated additional projects with this client and subsequently secured a framework contract for works throughout following years.