Former Albion Chemical Works

Moston, Cheshire 23 January 2020

The proposed works will involve a mixed-use development including a Care Home, residential housing, office building, commercial and greenspace.

What We Did

Enzygo undertook a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, Breeding Bird Surveys, Biodiversity Offsetting Calculations and Ecological Clerk of Works activities.

Challenges We Faced

Enzygo engaged in extensive consultation and negotiation with the County Ecologist who raised concerns in relation to breeding Little Ringed Plover, loss of Open Mosaic Priority Habitat and achieving Biodiversity Net Gain.

Former Albion Chemical WorksPreliminary Ecological Appraisal

What We Achieved

Through negotiation with the County Ecologist and utilising the Biodiversity Offsetting process, an agreement was secured to compensate for the loss of the Open Mosaic Habitat on Previously Developed Land and habitat supporting breeding Little Ringed Plover. The result satisfied the client and the County Ecologist in both getting a desired outcome, with a maximised and efficient development area and the Council securing funds to invest in biodiversity projects elsewhere in the County. This represented a successful implementation of the Biodiversity Offsetting process and demonstrated the value in working alongside the Local Authority to achieve a win-win scenario.

Further Work

The success of this project has provided Enzygo with the experience and expertise in advising clients on pursuing a Biodiversity Offsetting approach in accordance with NPPF and biodiversity net gain principals.