Immingham Waste to Energy Plant

Immingham Rail Freight Site, Stallingborough 4 July 2019

The proposal was for the development of an existing warehouse comprising a steel frame structure to a Waste to Energy Power Generation Plant in Immingham. The power plant will contribute to reducing waste sent to landfill by accepting commercial and industrial non-hazardous waste and, via the combustion process, processing to generate power that is fed into the grid.

The proposed development site is located within an industrial estate to the east of Immingham off Kiln Lane in North East Lincolnshire. The main access to the site would be via the A180 to the south west.

What We Did

Enzygo was tasked with the preparation, submission and monitoring of a planning application, supported by technical assessments. Enzygo was also responsible for advising on the finished floor levels to protect the plant during a potential flood defence breach.

Planning Application

Enzygo was involved in the site layout, via the Architect, and used the information obtained through the technical assessments to create a layout which would be developable; would address the client’s requirements; and would be acceptable to the local planning authority.

Enzygo always engages with the local planning authorities at an early stage to ensure they understand proposed developments and are on board from the outset. At Immingham Enzygo ensured that any pre- development concerns raised by NELC and EA could be addressed fully prior to submitting the application.

Working closely with technical experts, Enzygo created a strong planning case supported by national and local policy, and designed a functional scheme that overcome the site’s constraints and ensued the environmental impacts of the development were acceptable. Measures were agreed with the local authority to ensure acceptability in terms of finished levels and site layout.

Aerial View of the Development:
Immingham Site Layout

EA Liaison and Planning Application

Enzygo’s Highways and Hydrology Teams worked closely with the architect and client to ensure the proposed infrastructure, plant and bunkers were positioned at a level that will ensure they are operational during a potential flood event. At an early stage Enzygo engaged in discussions with NELC and the EA to agree the scope of the works and any specific issues that needed to be addressed. They also worked closely with the Planning team, the client, and potential equipment suppliers to obtain the necessary information for the application.

Enzygo prepared the required documents including a Flood Risk Assessment, Drainage Strategy, Ecological Appraisal and Transport Study. These documents demonstrated that the site would operate in a way that was environmentally acceptable.

By working collaboratively across our internal disciplines, via a single pint Project Manager, Enzygo were able to provide valuable advice on required levels and the proposed site layout allowing cost savings to be made and less risk of any abortive works.

What We Achieved

All technical planning support documents and the Planning application were submitted in an efficient manner, within the time scale and budget agreed by the client. Both the Local Planning Authority and the Environment Agency were satisfied with the applications, and very little additional information was requested.

The planning application submission was successful and the development was granted planning permission by North East Lincolnshire Planning Authority.

Further Work

Enzygo continue to undertake developments within the waste sector, and will use the experience gained during this application when undertaking future applications.
The highways / transportation team and hydrology teams will continue to work collaboratively to ensure applications are consistent and to identify cost savings for clients where possible