Leicester Extra Care Development

Leicester 25 February 2018

The proposal was for two Extra Care Facilities within Leicester, consisting of affordable, independent accommodation and communal facilities for local residents of all ages with a range of care needs. The developments would allow vulnerable people to live independently, whilst having access to the care they require. The Queensmead and Tilling Road developments included 82 and 73 units respectively, each consisting of 1 bed 2-person flats; 1 bed 2-person WC accessible flats; and 2 bed 3-person flats.

What We Did

Enzygo was tasked with the preparation, submission and monitoring of two planning applications simultaneously, including a number of technical documents. We also project managed the applications to ensure technical requirements and constraints were understood by all partners, and any conflicting requirements were identified and addressed at an early stage.
From the outset, we recognised the potential constraints and requirements of the site to ensure the developments were fit for purpose and would be acceptable to the client, Local Authority and other stakeholders.

We worked closely with technical experts and external architects to develop a strong planning case for the both developments, with functional yet sensitive designs which addressed the environmental and physical constraints of the sites.

We also ensured that the Local Authority had a clear understanding of what we were hoping to achieve, and considered their thoughts from an early stage. This contributed to the application being submitted quickly and efficiently, with the Local Authority on-board.

Challenges We Faced

From the outset we identified a number of challenges presented by both the sites, the needs of the client, and the expectations of the Local Planning Authority and other stakeholders. For example a key requirement of the client was the need for both sites to be level to ensure the developments were fully accessible to residents. We worked closely with the architects, drainage experts and landscape experts to develop schemes which addressed this challenge while ensuring an acceptable drainage and landscape design.

Additional challenges included the need to create distinct yet attractive boundaries between the sites and surrounding residential properties; the need to protect the privacy of residents; the need to provide sufficient parking within the sites; and the need to provide an appropriate drainage scheme to ensure flood risk wasn’t increased. By working alongside technical experts we were able to address these challenges through an appropriate design.

What We Achieved

The final designs were well thought-out proposals that enhanced the sites and successfully addressed their constraints. The designs ensured the clients’ requirements were met, along with those of relevant stakeholders. The engagement undertaken ensured residents understood the proposals and their concerns were addressed prior to the application being submitted. This contributed to no objections from the Local Authority or other statutory bodies, and both applications being granted planning permission by delegated powers.

Further Work

We will continue to work closely with this client , and we hope to build upon the expertise and experience we have gained to take forward similar developments across the country.