Progressive Energy BioSNG Plant

Ince, Cheshire 11 November 2019

The proposed works will involve construction of an Energy BioSNG Plant.

What We Did

Enzygo undertook a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal of the site, and prepared an Ecological Impact Assessment technical report. This drew upon historical bird, reptile, and Water Vole survey findings. Enzygo subsequently prepared a Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) Stage 1 Screening & Stage 2 Appropriate Assessment (AA) to allow the Planning Authority to make an informed decision.

Challenges We Faced

Enzygo were faced with detailed consultation with the County Ecologist, Planning Officer, and Natural England to resolve ecological matters, and had to deal with changes to recent case law and local planning policy regarding HRA and consideration of potential impacts to statutory designated sites.

Ince, Cheshire 2

What We Achieved

Enzygo successfully scoped out the need for any repeat Protected Species surveys, and secured the use of a nearby County compensation area. We also provided expert HRA/AA information which identified appropriate avoidance & mitigation measures to ensure no residual impact to statutory designated sites, preventing objections to the application on these grounds. Planning permission pending.

Further Work

We will continue to work closely with this client to ensure successful determination of this planning application. This process has helped us develop good working relations with the local council and consultees, and allowed us to secure additional works in this area on behalf of other clients.