Radstock Flood Risk Activity Permit

Radstock Flood Risk Activity Permit

Radstock 22 March 2018

A house builder was required to reinstate a revetment in a main river as part of their building programme. As they were required to undertake works within a designated river the Environment Agency required them to have in place an Environmental Permit or exemption to ensure the river was protected whilst these works were carried out. This Permit is known as a Flood Risk Activity Permit (FRAP) and replaced the previous requirement to have in place a Flood Defence Consent for such works in April 2016.

What We Did

Enzygo’s Permitting Team were tasked with investigating the type of Environmental Permit required in order to undertake the proposed works and to prepare an application for the appropriate Permit.

We looked at the possibility of applying for an exemption but the activities which our client needed to undertake in order to reinstate the revetment did not fit into any of the available exemptions.

We also looked at the suite of Standard Rules Permits available for the proposed activities, but due to the location and duration of the proposed activities this option was not available to our client.

We instead prepared an application for a Bespoke Flood Risk Activity Permit using the method statement for the works provided to us by the client.
We consulted on our proposal and permit application with the local Environment Agency officer, so the Environment Agency was aware of the proposed activity and could provide input at an early stage to ensure that the application met their requirements.

Regulatory Support

Enzygo’s Permitting Team also provided regulatory support and liaised with the Environment Agency on behalf of our client in relation to an earlier FRAP application relating to the removal of a footbridge in the same river. We worked with our client and the Environment Agency to agree some changes to the original method statement after Enzygo’s arboriculturist provided an arboricultural method statement and tree protection plan for the removal of the bridge.

What We Achieved

Enzygo’s Permitting Team were successful in securing the Flood Risk Activity Permit for our client which enabled them to carry out the required works on the revetment within their required timescales.

Further Work

Enzygo continue to undertake FRAP applications for new and existing clients, using its experience in this sector in undertaking new applications and providing appropriate advice.