Winter Flooding Shouldn’t Threaten Businesses

Winter flooding shouldn’t threaten businesses

Winter Flooding Shouldn’t Threaten Businesses

Recent calculations by US scientists that hurricane Harvey dropped 127 billion tonnes of water over Texas in August have got me thinking about how much rain and snow could fall on the UK this winter and whether more frequent, erratic, very wet storms are now a real threat to business continuity.

Fortunately, I believe the answer is still no. Not yet at least. With good preparation, mitigation and evacuation planning, the potential for serious flood damage can almost always be minimised Luckily, technology is on our side too. With advanced computer modelling, it is now possible to balance the risks, costs and probabilities of flooding to a point where building flood resilience is a routine and cost-effective part of normal business planning – but with very long-term benefits.

Having said that, with recent Storm Caroline revealing the risks of melting snow on frozen ground and Storm Dylan scheduled to make landfall by Christmas, it is never too early – or too late – to get ready!

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